Our DEFEAT the DVRO Course is the ULTIMATE GUIDE on How to Win Your Domestic Violence Restraining Order Hearing

So you can TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE without the threat of losing everything

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When you are served with a Domestic Violence Restraining Order, you risk losing your home, your children, and your livelihood. We are here to help teach you how to DEFEAT the DVRO!
  • Immediate, On-Demand Access: Six modules of on-demand material breaking down EXACTLY what you need to know to defeat the DVRO!
  • Exact Scripts: Get battle-tested scripts of EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY in court
  • Easy, Fill-in-the Blank Templates: Get a fill-in-the- blank template to break down and fight against EVERY allegation the other party has made
  • Track record: Award-Winning Defense Attorney Veronica T. Barton, Esq. shares the BEST tips and tricks she's gathered over the past 10 years of defending against DVROs

Veronica Barton, Esq.

Did you know that, in California, your spouse/partner/ex can, without any notice to you, based on their word ALONE, get a temporary restraining order?

You can be handed a piece of paper that tells you that you must LEAVE YOUR HOME (while still being obligated to pay the rent/mortgage), that you can't SEE YOUR KIDS, that you must leave all of your worldly possessions behind, that you can't see your pets. 

And about 3 weeks later, there will be a hearing where you finally get to tell your side of the story. 

If you fail to convince the judge, then ALL OF YOUR LOSSES (yes, your home, your kids, your possessions, your pets) can become permanent for up to 5 years.

ALSO, your background check will now show that there's a restraining order against you, flagging you as an abuser.

If you're lucky enough to have the $5k+ to hire a decent attorney to defend you, great. But what if you aren’t?!

If you are the one filing one of these restraining orders against someone, there are loads of resources for you out there.

But if you try to walk into one of those places as a respondent?? Not only will they not help you, but as one respondent told me, “They look at you like you’re a monster." 

(Nevermind that you may actually be the victim.)

That's why I launched this course called DEFEAT the DVRO: The ULTIMATE GUIDE on How to Win Your Domestic Violence Restraining Order Hearing and TAKE BACK Your Life.

In the course, I explain, through the course of six modules, how to approach one of these hearings, and my best tips that I’ve gathered over the last 10+ years of defending against them.

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